Playa del Norte

Stretches along the northern end of the island.
Price: $

Eat. Drink. Swim. Relax.

The turquoise sea is as calm as a lake here, though developers have arrived and the area no longer has a secluded feel. The small cove between Avalon Reef Club and the Caribbean is the nicest section. Although relatively shallow, the water flows directly from the open sea, making this protected area cool and clean. Play a game of beach volleyball or enjoy a drink at one of the area's palapa bars, where wooden swings take the place of bar stools; Buho's is especially popular with locals and that is where they film the Corona commercials. Chi Chi Charlie's has free chairs if you purchase a drink excluding the first two rows. (Ask before you sit down.) The water is deeper in this area and my favorite part of the beach! Na Balam charges a $10 for one chair and umbrella. The water is very shallow here.